Dr. Costa specializes in diagnostic assessment and in providing mental health services (both virtually via Zoom and/or in-person), which include infant, child, adolescent, adult, parent-child, family, and relational therapies. Psychotherapy approaches include cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, family systems, and psychodynamic interventions. State of the art culturally and developmentally sensitive treatment is available for a range of conditions and symptoms including (but not limited to):

  • Depression and problems with mood (sadness, emptiness, “the blues”, irritability & moodiness)
  • Anxiety (nervousness, worries, fears & racing thoughts)
  • Attention, concentration, and learning problems (ADHD/ADD, Learning Disabilities, school admissions & educational/national testing exam accommodations)
  • Parenting Education & Supportive Counseling 
  • Family/Relationship problems 
  • Emotional trauma (PTSD, Acute Stress)
  • Anger Management, Coping & Stress Management (Guided Imagery, Relaxation Techniques)
  • Hallucinations and delusions (unusual or scary mental images and/or sensory disturbances)
  • Identity concerns (including ethnic/racial and sexual identity)
  • Job/career dissatisfaction and personal/professional growth
  • Adjustment problems related to major life events or life changes (divorce/separation, postpartum depression, chronic illness, grief and loss, domestic violence, and adolescent crises).

As a Louisiana licensed Medical Psychologist, Dr. Costa (in cooperation and ongoing consultation with your primary care physician) also offers medication management in conjunction with supportive counseling for psychological/psychiatric disorders including ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia or paranoid/delusional disorders. Click here for a detailed description to learn more about medical psychology.


  • Initial Clinical Interview (90 Minutes): $320
  • Individual/Family Therapy Session (45 Minutes): $160; (90 Minutes): $320
  • Couples'/Relationship Therapy Session (45 minutes): $185; (90 Minutes): $325

Telephone consultations or sessions are available upon request and are billed at the prorated therapy rate (except for initial consultation and follow-up emergency contacts that do not exceed 10 minutes which are at no charge). Telephone or telehealth/telemedicine sessions are scheduled at the same rate as in-office sessions. Also, Dr. Costa is also an approved Florida telehealth provider and is accepting Florida residents interested in receiving virtual counseling sessions.

Insurance Reimbursement

While Dr. Costa does not participate in any health insurance plans, as a courtesy, he will provide you with the information to file for reimbursement for services with your insurance plan or programs considered as "out-of-network" benefits; however, please be advised that full fees are due at the time of service and filing for out-of-network benefits does not guarantee insurance reimbursement. Feel free to check with your respective insurance plan for specific information regarding out of network benefits including what percentage they will/will not reimburse, deductibles that need to be met prior to reimbursement, etc.

Richard N. Costa, PsyD, MP
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Center for Emotional Health & Wellness, LLC  6221 So. Claiborne Ave., Ste. 201 New Orleans, LA 70125

Louisiana Licensed Psychologist (Clinical) #946; Licensed Medical Psychologist MP.000022; Advanced Practice Psychologist AP.335110
Utah Licensed Psychologist (Clinical) #13508932-2501
Florida Telehealth Provider Registration #2344 (see link: